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Ad|Mail admires all the great work you and your organization do for the local community. We want to help get your message into the hands of people willing to support your mission. Ad|Mail’s experts can help expand the visibility of your work through effective and successful direct mail campaigns.

With direct mail, you’ll be able to speak differently to each of your end-users and build a more personal connection. In fact, personalizing your direct mail can make recipients 84% more likely to respond to your message.

AdMail has been in the direct mail business for over 100 years, so we’re experienced in designing mailings that promote engagement. Your goals are our goals, so let’s get there together by creating some great connections.

Download the 7 Tips To Get Your Non-Profit’s Message Into the Right Hands PDF that we created for organizations like yours.

The guide provides many tips that will help you reach your audience. Each tip is backed up with facts that allow you to make your own decisions on what will be most effective for your non-profit.

Donor Appeals

It’s time to create an appeal that stands out. Ad Mail is here to assist with design, printing, and purchasing mailing lists for all of your spring, fall, and winter appeals.


No matter what you need for the look and feel of your newsletter, Ad Mail can make it happen. Our in-house printing services and full bindery give you full creative control over the final product.

Annual Reports

Whether you need help with design, printing, or mailing, Ad Mail will make sure your annual reports are completed on time and on budget.

Donation Receipts

We know how time consuming it can be to mail out your own donation receipts – let us help by both printing and mailing your receipts for you at the end of each donation year.